Map lamination

Laminated map of the United Kingdom
Image provided courtesy of The Future Mapping Company

We can laminate your maps in 2 different ways. Either gloss 125 micron suitable for display but capable of being rolled. Or 40 micron matt suitable for carrying folded. Both are waterproof and extremely durable. Prices vary according to size but for example to laminate a standard OS landranger sheet 890mm x 1000mm would cost £12.00. plus VAT. We offer a fast service and discounts for quantity.

One word of warning -  specially commissioned maps are often produced using toner crystal point printing, this type of image is heat sensitive and unsuitable for laminating.

Encapsulation is the process of covering and sealing printed paper or board with a tough waterproof, plastic film. This gives a professional looking finish and helps to strengthen the encapsulated item, potentially improving its useful life.

To achieve a fully waterproof seal, an overlap is usually left around the edge. The film is bonded to the items surface so this overlap can be trimmed off if waterproofing is not required.

Common uses for encapsulated sheets include maps, menus, restuarant kitchen manuals, catalogues, sales presenters, display graphics, ID badges, banners, aides - memoire and many, many others.

Sheet to be encapsulated should be supplied cut to size and fully collated if in sets or sequences. Please do not interleave sets. If there is more than one thickness in a set e.g. a catalogue please supply covers separate.

Sheets can be creased, drilled, slot punched, eyeleted, strutted, glue or velcro tabbed. They are also suitable for platten cutting or ram punching though we do not offer these last two services.

Minimum size 54mm x 86mm
Maximum size 1000mm x 3000mm
Minimum paper thickness 40gsm
Maximum paper thickness 700gsm
Minimum run length 1
Maximum run No maximum

5 thicknesses of film to choose from

Gauge Finish Result
40 micron gloss only Very flexible
75 micron gloss only Flexible
125 micron gloss only Less flexible
175 micron gloss only Semi rigid
250 micron gloss only Quite rigid similar to a credit card

encapsulated documents

WARNINGS Previously laminated or varnished sheets will give a poorer but usually adequate bond strength. Bond strength may be reduced if sheets are laser printed, particularly over areas of solid colour. Avoid laser printing solid colours to bleed. Similarly silk screen solids give very poor adhesion. Some synthetic and resin coated substrates (ink jet media) react to the heat of the process by rippling. Best quality is achieved with litho or HP Indigo printing over paper, card or Teslin substrates. Provided we are sent overs or test material we will always do a quality test free of charge before processing any of your valuable work.

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